What I Love Most About My Two Sons

It takes courage, understanding, and perseverance for a single entrepreneur father like me to take care of a family of two sons. I have learned that single parenting can be quite tough without taking a shift in lifestyle. I quit my job at a time when I was ill prepared. I should have taken time to consider transitioning the family and making my sons to be aware that I may not be working in near future. In addition, I quit the job without having set up a business or identifying an earning opportunity I could pursue. I give credit to the decision I made to have an emergency fund that saw us through the difficult months. Despite the uphill battles, here are a few things I love about my two sons.

Know a budget is a must-have tool
We strive to save money and ensure all the bills are paid. The money we make from my business helps us start building our future financial needs. I don’t want my sons to experience tough times when they grow up. A budget is one tool they have learned that they must use it always. This is something I must appreciate because if they grow with that in their mind, they will make better choices in their spending habits

Don’t have to wear expensive clothing to be happy
I appreciate the changes that I see with my boys. Before we opted for frugal living, I knew I was in for a big yelling and mock smile if I didn’t buy the latest fancy clothes designs for the boys. However, when we started embracing change and being satisfied with the little we have, my sons have been very understanding. Today, they don’t mind any clothe design as long as it is presentable. I spend less on buying clothes.

Value socializing and having fun but not spending
We have taken picnics, gone to art galleries, taken part in community cleanup, and hosted potluck dinners. All these are enjoyable activities that don’t empty my wallet. My sons know, which activities they can take that won’t need spending a lot of money because we have little to spend.  That’s not a big deal for them.

I left my job without having prepared adequately and despite the challenges I have gone through together with my sons, we are now sailing at least comfortably. I do not want my sons to repeat the same mistakes I made.