Top Restaurants in California I Want To Try

Doing all that research on Texas inspired me to explore California some more! I started to do some research on fun things to do in California and I made a list of restaurants that I want to try out. Whether you’re visiting California for vacation or business, one of the things you’re going to look for is the best restaurants in town. With fresh ingredients, unique cooking styles, and fun atmosphere you’re sure to find the perfect restaurant from this list. Check out the top restaurants in California below and see which one will be your new favorite hotspot.

State Bird Provisions
Only in business for two years, this restaurant has made quite a name for itself in San Francisco. One of the signature items on the menu is the valley quail, which is of course the state bird of California. These dishes are delicious and you’ll find this is a very popular spot in the San Fran area.

If you’re in Los Angeles and you’re a meat lover, this is the place for you. You’ll find every part of pork you could wish for and then some in this fabulous restaurant. It keeps gaining popularity so you want to try it out before it’s too busy to get in!

Gary Danko
A beautiful atmosphere and amazing delicacies await you at this restaurant located in San Francisco. Enjoy everything from French food to American favorites of the area.

If you’re wanting a variety of items that change frequently, then Manresa is the place. This restaurant as an ever changing menu that goes with what’s in season at nearby farms.

George’s On The Cove
Amazing views and delicious food await at this location. Locals love to hang out in this atmosphere and you’re going to love the unbeatable food choices that are available.

The Bazaar
This restaurant is on many top restaurant lists in the area. If you’re looking for amazing Spanish food like you’ve never had before, this is your place. You can choose from different areas of the restaurant to sit and try different menus. It is a total experience and not just for dining pleasure.

Mission Chinese Food
Situated in San Francisco, this is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants around. While the owner doesn’t understand all the uproar about it, the locals will tell you it’s the best place to get your Chinese food.

Depending on where you’re visiting, there’s a never ending supply of these fantastic places to eat in California. This is just barely scraping the list of top restaurants. You’re sure to find one you’re going to love and keep coming back for more.