I Hope My Boys Will Look Up To Me As Adults

While I may have made some mistakes here and there when I was working, things have taken a different direction after the ups and downs. My boys and I are now having great time as we meet our day-to-day family and business needs. One thing I have always loved to do is teach my boys the best way they can gain control of their social and financial life. While they will complete their education, I know that without the right knowledge and attitude in life, they are likely to mess up. I don’t want them to go through what I encountered when I left my job. I have been teaching them how to live a frugal life, which is fun and enjoyable. Smart spending has been my focus and they know it pretty well. Here is what I have taught my two boys, which will make them better adults when they grow up.

We should not indulge in impulsivities
Doing with what we have has allowed my sons to learn that they need to economize on things including food and money. Whenever we go shopping, we only buy what we put on the budget. Anything out of the list is kept for another day, because buying it will most likely be out of impulsivity.

Working on a budget
We have a family budget for the month, which features a list of all things to buy. We do not want to go overboard by buying things that we don’t need. That is why we stick to the budget. I have trained my sons to always equip themselves with a budget even when they go to high school and college. This will save them from troubles of going without funds.

Living frugally
In the past before my sons learned what frugal living is all about, they thought that I was being mean. However, when I began explaining to them why we need to do it, they have started appreciating. Today, they tell me, “dad, we don’t have to buy that expensive Keurig Green Mountain coffee brand— why not opt for the low-end coffee at the local store, which is cheaper?”

Eating at home and taking packed food
We were used to eating out most of the times, however, when I left my day job, finances became tight. Therefore, we had to adjust to the situation. We have done away with eating out and instead cook food at home. My sons love it and indeed, when we take a picnic, we prepare our snacks for the day.

No more spending in those expensive restaurants. It is healthy to eat at home and my sons know it very well. They don’t want to start struggling with problems like diabetes and heart disease, which are taking their toll on people’s health.

These lifestyle changes are making my family learn how to avoid mistakes that may cost us in the future. My sons and I want to have a bright, healthy future with financial freedom. The time to achieve that is now and not tomorrow.