How To Tell If Your Job Is Ruining Your Life

You need your job. You have bills to pay and responsibilities to take care of. But what if you’re noticing things in your life that aren’t quite what you expected? Are you having problems at home or having stressful times when you leave the office? How can you tell if your job is ruining your life and your home? There are some tips and tricks to watch out for to know when it’s time to leave your current job for a new one.

You Are Noticing Strain On Relationships
When you start to notice a problem with your relationships at home or outside of work, it’s time to reevaluate the stress work is putting on you. While it’s not always possible, work needs to stay at work. If you notice that your relationships are suffering, you may want to start looking for a new job.

You Have Stopped Learning
While you may not always learn new ways of doing something, you should be constantly advancing in your job. You want to always learn new techniques, new programs, expound on the knowledge you already have. When you do, it’s easier to feel established and like you’re growing in your job. When you stop feeling that, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Feedback is Non-existent
Have you noticed that you are not receiving feedback from your direct supervisor any longer? You may only hear from them when something is wrong. That puts stress on you and your performance will suffer as well. If you’re not getting feedback based on your work, it’s time to look at your job itself and see what is going on.

You Shut Yourself Away
When you arrive home from work, are you happy to be there or are you shutting yourself away? Do you notice you’re sleeping more than you have before? All of these are signs your job may be taking it’s toll on you more than you expected. When you do not want to be involved in any extracurricular activities and you’re shutting yourself away, then you should definitely consider changing jobs.

Take some time for yourself to evaluate where you are in your job and what it is doing to your homelife. When work comes home with you, it can ruin your life and the relationships you have. You should find a new career or new job if you notice yourself falling into this rut.