How to Involve Your Kids with Your Business

As a father of two kids, I stay busy. Between owning my own business and spending time with my children, I can hardly find time for myself. I have learned how to combine the two so that I can spend time with my family and get work done. A unique way that I spend time with my children is during the work day. Because I own my business, I can take my kids along whenever I like. Many may feel that it is difficult to work with children, but I have found a way to make it fun. Below are a few ways that I like to spend time with my children while working too!

Cleaning Up the Office
My business needs cleaning from time to time but I do not want to hire someone to do it or take time away from my children. So, I have figured out a way to combine cleaning and family. One night every two weeks, I load the kids up and we have fun cleaning the office. We turn on our favorite music and make cleaning the office fun. It may seem silly or boring to some but we have fun dancing around while we sweep and vacuum.

Marketing the Business
As a business owner, I have to be able to market my business. I do this in a number of ways. I use Facebook, where I have a business page that stays updated with information on my service options. I also have business cards and flyers I use. To involve my children, I go out with them from time to time, handing out business cards and posting flyers. We love touring the local cities and try to make a day of it, meeting new people and going out to dinner when the marketing day is done.

Make a Kiddie Desk
I have a home office in which I use several days out of the week to be able to work from home. In this area, I also have a kiddie desk for my children. When the kids are home from school, they will join me in the office to ‘do work’. The kids have papers and files so they feel involved and they can play pretend while I get down to business.

Think of what you can do to let your kids be more involved with your business. Even just talking to your children will give them an idea of what you do each day and make them feel more involved with your work life.