How My Boys and I Have Fun on $20 Dollars

Being a single entrepreneur father has taught me how to be frugal and save money in order to meet our financial needs and secure the future. As a single parent taking care of two sons and running a business, I have learned to balance my involvement in business in order to create time for my sons. While I know that the business takes care of our financial needs, I also need to extend my love to my sons. In order to ensure that we do not experience financial pitfalls and the business runs smoothly, we have adjusted to a frugal lifestyle. We embrace saving every penny while also being able to have fun. This is what my boys and I do when I only have $20 to spend.

We go camping
There is no better way to have fun than having a camping experience in the park. The unique natural environment parks provide allow my sons and I to have some good time while exploring nature. We love it and it saves us the little money we have. We take packed food with us so that we do not have to eat in restaurants.

Have a picnic
Having a picnic has been one of our favorite leisure activities. We prepare picnics during the weekends and holidays. I take my sons with me and stroll in the park. I even play with them thereby promoting our physical and mental wellbeing. By the time we end the day, we have rejuvenated our minds and body, and the boys are ready to resume studies in school while I run the business errands.

Host a potluck dinner
My sons love cooking and so do I. We often venture in the yard during weekends to have a fun-making potluck dinner. We do not buy anything extra but pick what is left in the pantry. My sons have learned how to prepare different recipes through the potluck experiences we have.

Spending time swimming
I love exercising in the pool and my boys have fallen in love with it, too. We spend time in the backyard swimming and exercising in the pool waters. It is something fulfilling and doesn’t cost us anything.

Attending a free day at a local museum
We wake up early whenever there is a free day at an art gallery or museum. Attending these events helps my sons gain knowledge about culture, nature, and art. It is a great learning experience that we do at little or no cost.

Family fun doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. With proper planning and having a sense of adventure, I have discovered that my family can have fun instead of taking costly vacation trips that will only empty our wallet. These few tips have helped us enjoy ourselves and keep our spending minimal.

I have taught my boys that we have to take life in a different perspective so that we don’t struggle trying to make ends meet. Frugal living has really changed our life and we are happy that we can manage to control our spending while not depriving ourselves happiness.