Five of the Top Things Women are Jealous about With Men

1. Body comfort – Men of all shapes and sizes know how to embrace their body. Whether they are short, tall, round or slim, the average Joe has been conditioned to take a level of pride in each part of their body in ways women can only dream of. Meanwhile, women are conditioned to do just the opposite. We feel the need to cover up more often and protect our bodies, in fact being open about our body is even looked down upon. While I can understand that there are limits to what we should want to show, it’s difficult to not feel envious of the way men can take control of their sexuality in such a physical way. While women may have an opportunity to show off their bikini bodies in the summertime, we simply don’t get those opportunities enough.

2. Restroom wait times – For women, restroom lines are a daily inconvenience. The wait time would make any guy ask what exactly is going on inside, and some believe there could be some type of women’s only lounge behind the closed doors. While it may be something I have become used to, it always irks me to see no line at all outside the men’s room during half time at the Football game, mostly because I am forced to see this from the back of a line that wraps around the stadium.

3. Facial Hair – Women love to play with hair of all sorts. But head hair can be so limiting. You surely can’t mold, trim and play around with it like you can with a beard. The worst part is that no matter how much you play with it, it never seems to get out of place. While I realize that a beard wouldn’t look too hot on me, I still catch myself fantasizing about growing a thick and perfectly masculine beard.

4. No time of the month – Aches, cramps, pains, fatigue and mood swings, it’s safe to say that time of the month isn’t easy. Men really don’t understand just how good they have it in this regard. I think I speak for all women when I say that nothing would be more gratifying than if all men were forced to experience a period, just once. Men tend to think of themselves as the tougher sex, at least physically. Something tells me that their attitudes would shift after this little experiment.

5. Shaving their head –Most men experiencing hair loss would roll their eyes when hearing a woman express a desire to shave their head, however, being a woman helps you see all the unsung benefits of having this privilege. Not only do many men look great bald, shaving your head must be quite nice during the hot summer months. There isn’t any need to worry about styling it, and life seems to be great without hair. But the number one benefit must come when men catch head lice. Unlike women, they can simply shave all their hair off. While some women are smart enough to hire professional head lice removal services, most women have already spent excessive amounts of money and time trying to treat their hair with damaging store bought products.