Balancing My Personal Life and Business Life

As a single dad when it comes to balancing my personal life and my business life, it can become quite hectic. There’s the business aspect where my clients needs me during a certain time frame, then I have my family time with homework, games, and extra curricular activities. Learning how to balance it all so I can enjoy work and my family is a difficult task, but it can be done. Take in a few of these personal tips to help you gain that delicate balance you desire and your family needs.

Leave Work at Work
When you’re spending time with your family, try to leave work out of it. Make sure to take some time to just be with your family instead of working on projects or answering your phone and emails. Turn off your phone or leave it where you’re not going to be. That will help you to spend that quality time with your children or spouse instead of worrying about the ding of a new email coming in.

Be Flexible
Sometimes family time happens when you least expect it. Maybe it’s over a lunch during the work day or you stay up late with the kids watching a movie. Work may call you in at a different time that you expected so family time is shifted. Learning to be flexible and roll with the changes helps to reduce a lot of stress.

Get Your Family Involved
A lot of times the responsibilities of the home can go to the wayside or you feel you have no time to relax because there’s dusting to do, dishes to wash, or clothes to put away. Be sure that you involve the entire family in taking care of the home. This alleviates stress off of one person and gets everyone working together. It’s a valuable lesson for your children to take with them as they grow.

Set Limits
Set limits for yourself and your family. This is definitely a time when you need to learn to say “no” when asked to do things. It can be hard but your family comes first and boundaries and limits help protect that. You know how much you’re willing to take away from your family or from work. Be sure to have those limits in place and don’t be tempted to let people cross them when it benefits them.

If you’re not already organized, get that way! You can delegate chores at home and at work to make sure you do not have to take care of it all.