About Me

My name is Michael Mauer, entrepreneur father of 2 boys.Throughout the years I’ve had to learn the hard way to earning a dollar. I created this blog so I could share some of my experiences, in hopes of helping others save time, money, and hard lived lessons. I am in no way an expert, I am still on my journey to further success, but please feel free to join my sons and I on our life journey! Come and connect and share some of your life lessons and adventures!


Being a single father of two boys has been a trip of lessons and love. The apply didn’t fall far from the tree with my oldest, Jude. He’s an a 9 year old ball of energy, smart smart kid with a selfless heart. Sam is my every day side kick, he may only be 5 but he’s got enough character for the both of us. My boys were the reason I started this new journey to success, without them I would probably be still selling used cars on minimum wage.