3 Things to Do Before Quitting Your Day Job



Many people would consider quitting their jobs to pursue other earning opportunities including setting up a start-up business or doing freelancing work. In case, you want to be an entrepreneur, you want to know that it is the smartest risk you can ever take. When you nail it on the head at the start, it can turn out the best opportunity to explore. However, entrepreneurship has its bright and dark sides.  Here are three things I did that you might want to try before you quit your job.

Move From Daydreaming to Taking Actions
It all starts with a dream and vision to become an entrepreneur. The security of your job may be holding you back from exploring your entrepreneurial opportunity. However, when you are set to roll things up, you need to create a plan. You may be up to running an online business, a line of designer clothes, or a grocery store. Regardless of which business you want to set up, make sure you have created a document outlining the steps you will take in order to execute your plan.

Have a Budget at Hand
You may want to plan for a slower than expected start in your business or even failure. You want to ensure that you can withstand the consequences should things go haywire. Re-examine your financial status and evaluate whether you have saved substantial amounts of money to cross the bridge of setting up the business and meeting your living expenses. Ensure you plan for a long journey ahead, and if you achieve the dream earlier, you will have room for expansion.

Test the Waters
You don’t want to plunge into the world of running a start-up blindfolded. A test drive may give you an idea about the environment you are about to get into. While still doing your job, do market research, launch your service or product, and see how consumers are going to respond. At this point, you have the chance to correct your course and make amendments. When you feel that it is now good to go, you can relinquish your job and focus on your start-up.

When you take note of these pointers, you are able to transition seamlessly from a job to an entrepreneur and start building wealth. You will find it addicting but never boring to run your own business. It’s all about fulfilling the potentials you have and making your life better.